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"Think Strongly, Attempt Fearlessly, Accomplish Masterfully" ... James Allen

In ancient times, when education was scarce, when knowledge was rare, when genius and talent was polished through sheer perspiration, intelligent deduction and deep observations - many a man or woman would have spent a lifetime in search for that rare wisdom and deep inner knowledge through sheer strength of character, determination, persistence and hard work. One would spend a lifetime looking for wise gurus and teachers. Then jump through a lot of unheard of hurdles and hoops just to get the approval and attention of that wise one, who would then very graciously agree to bestow their secret knowledge upon their deserving students or apprentices. Knowledge and education was a responsibility that was earned. It was meant to be treated with great respect, jealously guarded and propagated with utmost care.  It was bestowed only to those who proved themselves worthy and deserving of such inner wisdoms.

Today Education is at your finger tips. Be Prepared to explore, investigate and think. Be open for deep insights, sudden inspiration or  for the proverbial bells, whistles and light bulbs to suddenly turn on  your mind and fire your creative juices. You will discover  insightful articles bubbling with sizzling hot  ideas... Who knows you might just find what you are looking for... that ultimate chamber of  secrets that could make or break your life for ever. So read them at your own risk!

Who doesn't know that one man's trash may be another person's treasure... so if you find any of the material presented here trashy... not to your liking or does not appeal to you, well you have the option to hit the back button and get off this site as fast as you came on it.

 Yet, it may appeal, even inspire, motivate or educate another person, as countless people before you have spent hours here reading each and every word... so we welcome everyone who finds this material useful even in the smallest way possible. For who knows what small bit of information may trigger those creative juices to burst forth in your  mighty mind and light up the path to lead the way in the world.

Good or bad, to your liking or not , we thank you for stepping into our miniscule corner of cyberspace. We thank you for crossing our path and wish you peace, joy and prosperity on your journey. Keep smiling.





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