Sign of a Break Up

 What are the Warning Signs of a Break Up ?


Sign of a Break Up

How do you tell if your relationship is on the verge of a breakup. In all relationships there are tell tale warning signs that are a good indication of the status of your relationship.

 12 strong signs of an impending break up are:

  1. Avoidance ... your spouse / partner / girl friend or boy friend starts avoiding you and comes up with  thinly veiled excuses every time you ask for an explanation.

  2. Irritation - your spouse or partner exhibits signs of barely disguised irritation at your words or actions which had previously captivated him/her. This comes through so clearly that you will notice it right away.

  3. Sarcasm - You experience sarcastic remarks and ridicule  from the relationship.

  4. Your spouse or partner starts spending more and more time in activities that keep him/her away from you.

  5.  Your spouse or partner starts keeping secrets from you or starts hiding things away from you, even though you were so close to each other that this was an unthinkable act previously.

  6. If you are in a marriage or common law relationship, your spouse or partner may start hoarding/hiding  his money away from you. He might open a separate account only in his own name or buy property secretly only in his own name (not in a joint holding with you).

  7. Your spouse / partner starts finding fault or taking offense without adequate reasons... he is ready to pick a fight at the slightest provocation from your end.

  8. It gets more and more difficult for you to communicate logically with your spouse or partner. Both of you now have different points of view about every topic under the sun, even though this was not so previously.

  9.  Your spouse / partner starts distancing himself / herself away from you emotionally. This may include not showing up for important dates, forgetting anniversaries, trying to keep you away from his /her family (parents etc.); brushing away or rejecting your emotional / sexual advances.

  10. Your spouse / partner starts expressing open admiration for people he knows absolutely tick you off.

  11. He/she may even start being involved in other relationships.

  12.  Your spouse / partner may secretly start consulting a lawyer or finding information about initiating the break up.

If you experience any combination of the above sign of a break up, it is time you start re-evaluating your priorities in this relationship and start taking remedial measures to either save your relationship, stop your break up or to break up in the way thats most beneficial to you or hurts you the least. Read some of the other articles on this page for more information.  Here are some tools that can help you handle your impending breakup successfully:  

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